The Motivation behind The Brotherhood of the Feast

Have you ever been inspired?  While deep in thought a thought becomes so clear it is as if it were given to you from God himself.  Well that whats inspired means.  Actually it archaically meant: to be breathed upon.  I was sitting at my computer drafting for work and these questions came to me.  What are the motivations behind my relationships?  And, why are some relationships so difficult and some so easy?  So I started drawing and I came up with this doodle. (shown below)

Scribbles from work

My difficulty in relationships were related to my feeling of obligation for any action that was needed for the benefit of the relationship.  While this obligation kept my actions in line with those that appeared like love, they zapped my energy and left me frustrated.  As I continually acted or sacrificed out of obligation I became increasingly bitter.  The relationship zapped my vitality and took away from the quality of my life.

My relationships or jobs that were motivated by love, that looked the same outwardly, actually injected me with life.  The end result was compassion or charity for the object of my actions.  We see this relationship with a loving mother and their children.

Jesus clothed himself in humanity.  That action was motivated by love.  “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only…” His desire for his creation was so strong that he sacrificed himself, gave himself to be tortured, that we may have life.  While tortured by the very people he came to save he said, “forgive them Father”.  That action, being motivated by love, gave life to all those that follow Jesus.

Men were made to believe in heroes.  The Brethren of the Feast desires to help men become modern day heroes.  We want to inspire and motivate men to follow Jesus.  Maybe all of those stories you were told as a child as you laid down to bed that were about dragons and knights or hobbits and rings were not about knights or hobbits at all, but about you.  Will you be motivated by love.  Will you sacrifice for your wives, children or neighbors.  What are the modern day dragons?  They are the worldview and cultural shifts that motivate men to love themselves more than others.  You are writing your own story.  Can you be a hero?

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