Saturday Prayer – Romans 7

Why do some respond to God in love and gratitude and some with hate and disgust?  Paul spends some time in deep self reflection.  He ponders his new nature.  He longs to seek God with his whole heart.  And yet, there is part of him still that desires the same old ways.  His pride and selfishness can manifest at a moment’s notice.

During a prayer run, I concluded two things: 1. People get thirsty.  2. People get water.  Now let us transition that concept from earthly needs to spiritual needs.  1. People are thirsty.  2. People need Jesus.

So, why does Paul respond this way?  Broken and sad as he meditates on his own duplicitous failings, Paul gravitates toward grace with ever-increasing intentionality.  We will never respond appropriately to water, if we never realize our thirst.

I was raised in a boost your own self-esteem culture by any means necessary.  You don’t really need anything other than what you are.  And it affected my response toward Jesus.  I now realize, I have no spiritual value outside of Jesus.  I have no way to merit myself to God.  I am homeless, wicked and broken.  I respond only with gratitude.

I said I was thirsty.  My school teachers, friends and magazines said I was ok and it will all be alright.  But I became parched, unsatisfied by all the answers I was given.  Until I found Jesus.  Thank you God.


What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death? 25 Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord! Romans 7


The prayer that leaves my lips is all that I have to give.  I have a great burning in my chest to be filled by something greater than that in this world.  I find in myself a desire to follow you and a desire to sin.  I am wretched.  I am dying, parched with no water.  Yet a spring of living water was given me that can not be quenched.  That fills me with the satisfaction all things promised and never fulfilled.  Thank you.

In Jesus Awesome Name,


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