Saturday Prayer – Romans 8

We should be transparent with our lives and our struggles.  It can be hard because we want to spin ourselves in the best light.  We want to be known as the smart, funny or athletic one.  We want our friends, families and co-workers to see us in a way we control.  But it may be that all this work is in vain.  Because there is only one whose opinion means something and he accepts us on the foundation of Jesus and the cross.

My common misstep towards vanity or pride is covered, my selfishness is washed away in the saving work of Jesus.  Depth in my spiritual life only brings about further knowledge of my utter spiritual failure.  But my further search for depth in my life always points to the Gospel message of Jesus life.

He lived, suffered and died for the disaster I am at saving myself. I am amazed that he loves enough to restructure our relationship.


Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,     Romans 8

Dear Father,

I don’t deserve grace, love or mercy.  I constantly fall into the trappings of vanity, pride and selfishness.  Jesus lived a life of humility, charity and love.  He lived the perfect life. The condemnation I deserved fell on him and the love he deserved fell on me.  My salvation is the result of Jesus.  Thank you God for the goodness.  I pray that we as men overflow in bravery and courage in the midst of a war for eternity.  Let’s attack evil without fear, as we change our communities and family for you.

In Jesus Name,


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