Saturday Prayer – Do not be Ashamed – Romans 10

Are we all secretly afraid that our friends, co-workers, families, or acquaintances will secretly figure out that you are not as smart, funny, athletic or brave as we project.  Are we all afraid they will realize that I and you are chumps.

We put so much weight into other’s opinions, especially when it comes to our faith.  Do you speak openly and transparently about your faith. Or do you feel like people will think you are one of those crazy Christians?  “He is just on of those weird religious people.”

Paul wants you to know that you will never regret one word that you say on behalf of Jesus.  We may be made fun of or harassed, but someday you will be glorified.  And, at that time, all opinions will be corrected.  Every word you have said for Jesus will be highlighted in eternity.  Paul wants us to be brave with our knowledge of Jesus.  And not to shrink away.

Remember, Christians in Rome would stop working on the sabbath, stop visiting the temples of the Roman gods and stop sacrificing and offering to the various gods.  So if it stopped raining for a week, you as a christian, would be blamed.  You do not please the God of rain. You would be considered lazy for not working on the Sabbath.  The Emperor was a deity.  How would he take the idea of you worshiping another King?

The Romans had 10 million reasons to be embarrassed of Jesus.  We have a few.  Paul was saying in spite of your culture stay focused on the one that accepts us because of Jesus.  It is ok if everyone mocks you because you have been included and accepted by God.  You will never be put to shame.

11 As Scripture says, “Anyone who believes in him will never be put to shame.”   Romans 10:11


You are the God that created the world and gives us good things.  Why should we be ashamed by your good name? Teach us to live in your acceptance.  If you have accepted us, then what does anyone else’s denial mean?  It means nothing.  We could be spit on and locked in a prison, but we will not be ashamed.  Your disciples were not ashamed when they were persecuted.  The church in Rome was not ashamed as people mocked them.  But they lived a life that glorified you.  I pray that we will do the same.  I pray for the courage to speak on your behalf this week.  And may our speech be submersed in love, joy and peace through Jesus.


2 thoughts

  1. Jon,
    2 things jumped out at me.
    1. And, at that time, all opinions will be corrected.
    2. Why should we be ashamed by your good name. (in the prayer)

    In John 12 it talks of people who believed but were afraid of what men would do to them.
    Then in John 12:43 “for they loved praise from men more than praise from God.”

    The most dangerous and effective warrior is one who is willing to give his life in battle. He is not afraid to die.
    And the most effective Christian is one who is willing to lose friends, reputation, whatever, for the sake of his/her faith.

    Let us not be afraid of what people can do to us, but only care what God thinks of us. And follow the 2 great commands…

    Thank you for your work in preparing and presenting this JP.


    1. Gary, I am so glad you commented. John 12 is a great link with this concept, so thanks for sharing. It is definitely hard to shake the desire to please people. But God has accepted us and that is sufficient! Thanks Gary and God Bless


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