Study Questions

The right question can be the key that unlocks the deeper meanings found in scripture.  Here are some examples of study questions you can ask during WOW meetings or your daily readings.

  • Overall Purpose
    • What does the text mean in light of the author’s overall purpose?
      • See the Context post for the book of study for my understanding of the writer’s motivation or purpose.
  • Literary Questions
    • Has the author positioned this text for a specific reason?
      • Take a look at a couple chapters before and after to see if they shed any light on the word of the week.
      • Remember that many chapter breaks do not reflect a new story or scene.  The chapter breaks were placed into the text much later for our benefit.
  • Character Questions
    • Who is involved?
    • What do they do?
    • Why are they doing those things?
    • Are these things or people repeated in other parts of the Bible?
      • God inspired literary repetition is a way to add emphasis.
  • Our Nature
    • What is God revealing about humanity through this passage?
    • How will you respond?
      • We should always be hearing from and pursuing obedience to the voice of God.
  • God’s Nature
    • What does the WOW tell you about the nature or character of God?
    • How should we reflect that character?
      • As an image bearer (Gen. 1:27) of God you represent God’s character, creativity and grace to our culture.
  • Inspiration – comes from the root inspirited, to be filled with spirit
    • How has the Spirit inspired you with the reading?
      • The Holy Spirit is constantly providing new perspectives, motivation to deal with sin and inspiration to display God’s hope.

Try a few of these questions if you have a hard time digging deep into scripture.  If you have other questions that have helped you feel free to share them.  These have helped me and I hope they can help you too.

God Bless,