WOW – Word of the Week

The Brethren of the Feast’s WOW or Word of the Week is a chapter of scripture that I am going to focus on during my week.  That means I will prayerfully read the same chapter 7 times a week.  This will help the scripture become entangled in my life.  I will post my notes and my companion guides as well as an overview.  They will be simplified thoughts focused on our calling as Men.

If you read the homepage, you will know that community is important.  Every week I meet with others to discuss our thoughts on the chapter.  I hope you do the same.  This gives us a chance to hear other perspectives on the WOW and how the Spirit has used it in our lives over the week.

The readings are scheduled and are shown on the sidebar.  We will be starting in Romans, because…why not?  Then on to Jonah and finishing the year with Luke.  I hope you are encouraged and motivated by the scripture you digest.  I have no doubt you will be changed by this way of following Jesus.